Live With Intention

Live With IntentionLive With Intention

Meet Pam McDermott

 I had suffered with chronic constipation and diverticulosis in my late teens and twenties. Upon discovering colon hydrotherapy at age 27, in Boston at Market Street Health, I began my journey into wellness. I was professionally trained in Florida and then blessed to apprentice under the direct supervision of Constance Jones, a trusted leader and mentor, who is now retired after a tireless and dedicated career in colon hydrotherapy.  In 1998, I opened Cape Colon Hydrotherapy and have been helping clients of all ages achieve a healthy colon lifestyle. Now with almost 25 years experience, and performing over 30,000 colonics,, I can comfortably and effectively offer this service right here on Cape Cod and Nantucket. 

What People Say


 I was fortunate to have been referred to a fantastic and skilled colonics therapist who is a kind and understanding woman with a wealth of information that she was willing to share.  Dr. Susan Cushing Dentist



  • When i’m in pam’s care, i feel nourished and supported. her office is a perfect representation of feng shui. it’s a happy place. it’s full of loving intention. it inspires me to appreciate the connection to everything in our lives. whatever you do in your profession/vocation, do it with sincere care. even if you think your job is stupid or meaningless or unfulfilling, i ask you to welcome the opportunity to engage in your work. put loving intention behind each moment, each hour, each day, each week and see how the beauty in nature and creation unfolds before you. Kate Hair and Lifestyle Designer

 Eastern Massachusetts is lucky to have Cape Colon Hydrotherapy! I found this wonderful space and kind, experienced therapist on vacation. One of the best colon hydrotherapists I've had the pleasure of meeting. If you want to optimize your health I highly recommend this service.Allison H.