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My Rules For i-Rules?

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As I was listening to Janell Burley Hofmann’s, author of i-Rules, TEDx talk about how she came to write a contract for her 13 year old son. He wanted an i-phone for his birthday. So she sat and wrote out her 18 rules about responsibility of having a phone and living in the age of technology.

As she was describing the overwhelming media attention she received when this contract went viral overnight, I was struck by the onslaught of questions she was asked. These questions came from people from all walks of life. People wanted to know more. Really? More of what?

I realized it was more of what we think we do not know. But with priviledges comes responsibilities, right? So what insight could this particular mom have that we can all learn from?

Recently, a conversation with my 12 year old son went like this:

Son: “Mom, where’s my charger?”

Me: “Which charger?”

Son: “The one to my i-pod.”

Me: “The one for the wall?”

Son: “No, the car charger.”

Me: “What color is it?”

Son: “(frustrated) Black!”

Me: “Listen, I don’t know where your charger is. Your i-pod has a car charger? Hey, where’s MY


We have i-pods, i-phones, i-pads, laptops, cords for wall chargers, car charges, WHEW!. It can get a little crazy. There are so many things needing our attention. And as helpful as they all can be, they also create too many distractions. I also never used to lose anything. Keys, important papers, whatever. Now I feel as if I just had a letter in my hand about to be mailed, and I put it down, right here. No, I did. Well, it’s somewhere in this house. Where did I put it?? I just had it in my hand!!

Does someone really have more insight to doing things better? Or is it possible that all we need is just some affirmation? What I have learned is, that it’s really about paying more attention. To being present. With my own son I have rules too. I didn’t hand him a contract, but he knows. Doesn’t he? As Ms. Hofmann says, she knew she was raising a thoughtful and confident 13 year old boy. But she needed a contract.

It’s there, on paper. It’s reinforcement. It’s protective. Anything done well takes care. It takes mindful and consistent practice. I tell my own son, “No looking down while in a parking lot. Head up, no talking.” What am a REALLY saying? To pay attention. Watch. Be careful.

So do we need rules? Do they need to be written down? Perhaps. Even the back of the supermarket pizza box under cooking instructions reads, “Do Not Eat Frozen.” Thank you Janell.

The Colon Hydrotherapy Procedure

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For those who want to understand the hydrotherapy process, I’ve outlined what you can expect with each colonic session.

To begin with, the therapist will suggest a trip to the restroom to empty your bladder. You will be covered with a towel and/or a blanket, reclining on a padded table. At the foot of the table is a stainless steel and glass wall unit displaying a temperature gauge, pressure gauge and an absorption tube. A speculum is gently inserted approximately two inches into the rectum. There are two tubes extending from the speculum to the unit. Pressure-regulated and multi-filtered water flows through one of the two tubes, the inflow tube, into the speculum infusing from there into the large intestine.

The practitioner closely monitors the temperature and pressure of the water paying particular attention to minimizing your stress. During each cycle of filling and emptying, the hydrotherapist will gently massage the abdomen to enhance a release. Warm water (96-102F) releases feces and relaxes the colon while cool eater (86-92F) releases gas and mucous. We have noticed that alternating temperatures tone the colon. Waste material is expelled through the outflow tube. To endure maximum safety, all tubes and speculum are disposable.

The session is usually one hour while the process itself takes 35-45 minutes.


Immune System Support

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Pam is a source of inspiration to me in so many ways. for one, as you enter her office, you are greeted with a sign that says:”live with intention”.

i ask you to sit with that one for a minute…just close your eyes, and put your hands in your lap with your palms facing up…go on, i’ll wait.

what does that mean to you? for me, it means to let your intuition (spirit) guide you, at every moment of the day. to not be reactive. to look people in the eye and smile at them–the person at the check-out counter in the drugstore, or the cashier at the bank, or the receptionist at your dentist. to take care when you’re backing your car out of the driveway. to breathe a little deeper. to hold that cup of tea in your hand a little longer. to make a call to a friend to ask how they are. to hang your clothes with care. to relish in what makes you feel good!!:)

pam mcdermott is a hydrocolonic therapist in cape cod, sandwich, MA.

hydrocolonic therapy is an ancient, alternative health care practice born from the egyptian culture, and used by the romans and the french, many years ago. essentially, it cleans your colon out.

did you know that 80% of your immune system is directly related to how your digestive system operates?

i realize this can be a taboo subject for most, but i invite you to take one week and journal your bowel movements. do you have them everyday? how does your stomach feel while you’re eating, or after? write it down.

i know for me, i don’t digest nuts or nut butters very well, and often times, i will feel nauseas after i eat something too sweet.

if you don’t eliminate the waste in your colon, you’re just asking to get sick. you need to get the toxins out!

by the way, colds and flus are a direct result of what’s going on in your stomach. ironically, i’ve been fighting an infection the past few days, so i am so grateful to have washed my colon of the debris and now have a clean slate to build off of.i’m taking 100 billion strength probiotics to allow the healthy intestinal flora (bacteria) to thrive.

support your belly with a daily probiotic of at least 15billion organisms per dose.

when the bad bacteria sits in your stomach, it starts to feed off it, and produces more, which eventually overthrows the good bacteria and creates an imbalance! a gross thing to ponder, but i think significant in keeping you aware of this concept, is that rats/vermon feed off trash, right? if there isn’t any trash in the can, we won’t have a rat problem, now will we?

that being said, the foods that cause bad bacteria to take hold are, yep, you guessed it–sugar.

which includes anything that breaks down as sugar: flour, alcohol, and even refined sugars (agave, maple syrup, etc.) and some fruits, unfortunately. it’s best to limit these foods if possible. there is some hope though–you can also kill these little suckers by taking garlic pills, or oil of oregano pills, or caprylic acid (also in coconut oil–hurray!).

when i’m in pam’s care, i feel nourished and supported.

her office is a perfect representation of feng shui. it’s a happy place. it’s full of loving intention. it inspires me to appreciate the connection to everything in our lives. whatever you do in your profession/vocation, do it with sincere care. even if you think your job is stupid or meaningless or unfulfilling, i ask you to welcome the opportunity to engage in your work. put loving intention behind each moment, each hour, each day, each week and see how the beauty in nature and creation unfolds before you.

take a deep breath before you write an email or a text. none of this instant gratification nonsense. take a moment to be mindful as to how it will be perceived once you exert your energy. remember, we are all energy and to some degree, each of us humans is offering another human a very significant imprint on our lives…yes, even that person who almost ran you off the road today.

welcome that negative energy as a source of what you’re projecting…maybe you’re not projecting it today, but maybe you did a few years ago…

we are all connected on an energetic playing field in this massive universe, and it is our job to rise to each occasion, each lesson, to do the best we can, given our circumstances. karmically, we learn and grow, if we are open and receiving of the love that connects us all.

please set your intention with me today, for the week to be filled with a life lived with intention. see how your perception in each day changes, and don’t forget to check in with yourself. state your intention in the morning, at your lunch break, and before dinner…maybe you need to write it down on post-its and put it on your mirror, in your drawer at work, or in your car.

now go take care of that colon, to take care of you!

in health and happiness,

xx, kate